Town Hall Discussion – Featuring Eric Chang aka Ahbying and Rapper Dog G

Town Hall Discussion 台美座談會
Special Guest speakers: 阿明 (Eric Chang) & 大支 (Dog G)

Topic: “What The Young Voters in Taiwan are Thinking, How to communicate with them – Discussion on Grass Root”

Date: Saturday August 07, 2010
Time: 11:30 am -12:30 pm
Location: Taiwan Center – LA, Room #9
Address: 3001 Walnut Grove Ave., Rosemead, CA 91770
Phone: (626) 307-4881;

Sponsored by: TAC-WC 2011 Young Generation Organizing Committee (2011年美西夏令會 – 青少年委員會) and TACL-National 台美公民協會

Eric Chang, aka 阿明, is an inspiring 2nd generation Taiwanese American born in the US (or an “ABT” – American Born Taiwanese) who has traveled to Taiwan 10 years ago in search of his root while pursuing his PhD in Taiwan. He can be spotted in countless democratic movement demonstrations. He was one of the leaders for the Wild Strawberries in Southern Taiwan. His dedication for standing up and speaking out for the social injustice and corruption in Taiwan as an “ABT” has garnered him a large following on the island nation. In an interview with FTV, a famous clip in YouTube ( , he says, “Young people in Taiwan, 少年家啊 have to stand up and fight for your rights. Taiwan is now a relatively democratic country, but have ‘YOU’ thought about why it is so democratic? And how much sacrifice was made?” His willingness to speak up and fight for the rights of Taiwanese people and Taiwan can be witnessed by one of his many famous demonstration of PRC officials who refuses to recognize Taiwan’s independence and continues to set foot in Taiwan:

Although Eric is just one of many Taiwanese Americans in Taiwan presently, his action and his unwavering pursuit of equality, justice, liberty and full democracy in Taiwan will continue to to inspire and garner support from young Taiwanese in Taiwan and many more who care about the future of this island nation.

大支 (Dog G) is the first TIME Magazine documented Taiwanese hip-hop artist. Taking an excerpt from the page of TIME , March 15, 2004 issue, it states: “The issue of Taiwan’s identity has even infused the island’s pop culture. In a studio-cum-hip-hop clothing store in the southern city of Tainan, Tseng Kuan-jung, alias Dog G, 25, writes and records pro-Taiwan rap….Dog G was a struggling musician until he penned “Taiwan Song,” ( ) in which he raps not in Mandarin but in Taiwanese: ‘Those without the fear of losing, they are the true spirit of Taiwan; those who don’t agree, get out!’ Dog G, whose best selling single tells listeners to ‘act Taiwanese, speak Taiwanese, and to stand up and proclaim they are Taiwanese,’ says he wrote theat song because he wanted people ‘to stop being ashamed of being Taiwanese.'”

Under the new pro-China regime, 大支 (Dog G) has continue to write and rap against social injustice, government corruption, and the dangerous games that current Taiwanese government is playing with China, i.e. ECFA. His music and his pro-Taiwan style has inspired many other Taiwanese hip-hop and rap performers in Taiwan writing and singing about this beautiful island nation called Taiwan.

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  1. i use a lot of other negative words on my channel besides chink, but only on my comments and only after people come at me first. i’m definitely not trying to reclaim the word. i personally believe in freedom of speech, so i fully support anyone using whatever language or words they choose.

    i make my videos not to address asian american issues in anyway, but to address issues that are occurring in taiwan. being taiwanese, our history is separate from china’s history. i make my videos to bring attention to what is happening in taiwan and taiwan alone.

    i personally don’t think you can lump taiwanese-americans and chinese-americans together under just asian-americans considering the situation between taiwan and china.

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