Remember Susan & Emily from the Typhoon Morakot Viral Video? Time for a Remix!

Check out this brief & fun video clip featuring Susan & Emily Hsu, the lead singers of indie band Exit Clov, who you might remember from their Typhoon Morakot video singing a well-known Taiwanese fighting spirit song Ài piàⁿ chiah ē iâⁿ (愛拼才會贏) in order to fund-raise for post-2009 Typhoon Morakot relief efforts.

They were recently invited to the Taiwanese American Citizens League’s 25th Anniversary Banquet Gala along with Taiwanese rapper Dog G and Taiwanese American R&B singer-songwriter Dawen. During a break at a press conference prior to the banquet,’s Ho Chie Tsai asks them to do an impromptu collaboration. No rehearsals and completely unplanned, here is the result…

Since they’ve gained a prominent following in Taiwan and among the Taiwanese American community here in the States, they’re also working on a Taiwanese folk song CD, so stay tuned for more information! will be helping to promote and sponsor this project!

Watch for their upcoming Taiwanese song CD:

Revisit Emily & Susan’s original viral vid:

Support Dog G:

Support Dawen:

And because you made it this far, here’s a bonus clip featuring Dawen with Emily and Susan, just for you!

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