Getting to Know Taiwan (Featuring Big G!) – San Jose

Date: August 15, 2010
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Taiwanese American Center, San Jose
Address: 4413 Fortran Ct, San Jose, CA
Facebook event page:

Hosted by FAPA-YPG San Francisco / Bay area

Do you Love and Identify Strongly with Taiwan? Yet what do you know about her history and past, or the state of Taiwan’s economy and current events? Have you always wanted to find out more, but haven’t had the time for that expatriate year in Taiwan you’ve always imagined? Come Join us for this talk and get a flavor for the influences on Taiwan’s culture, past and present.

Much like the United States, Taiwan is a unique melting pot of cultures and people. Have you ever wondered where the mochi or breads come from? When and how did Buddhism, Daoism, and Christianity get to Taiwan? Dr Keelung Hong will provide a historical basis into the Languages, Religions, Interracial marriage, and life in general in pre-1947 Taiwan; speaking to the impacts of Aborigines, Han settlers, Spanish, Dutch, Chin Empire, and Japanese Rules. Eric Chang, outspoken young professional from Taiwan, will then tell us more about life in Taiwan today.

We’ll follow this talk with a performance by Taiwan’s own Big G!! A Native Rapper of Taiwan, Big G will share the inspiration for his songs, his musical influences, and perform some songs for us too.

Light refreshments will be served during this event. Bring a few dollars for wonderful T-Shirts.

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