Southeastern Taiwanese American Association SETAA on Facebook

It’s no secret that there’s relatively fewer Taiwanese Americans in the Southeastern United States. However, over the past three decades, the Southeastern Taiwanese American Association’s annual summer conference, fondly known as “SETAA,” has provided a beautiful tradition of bringing both young and old together in that region.

Many young folks in the 2nd generation have connected and formed tight bonds throughout the years. Some remain in the region, and others have moved on. But collectively, they have understood the importance of supporting a strong Taiwanese American community in the Southeast. It is no longer just a conference for the 1st generation parents!

Now, with a 3rd generation coming along, SETAA has now found a presence on Facebook! If you have connections to SETAA as a current attendee, as an alum in past decades, or plan to attend in the future, join their new group online! You can help build an amazing program for the next generation!

Click below and add yourself! Let’s see how fast we can reconnect our proud community!

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