U.S. Representative Calls for Full Membership for Taiwan in International Organizations

The Formosan Association for Public Affairs, our community’s Washington, DC-based Taiwan advocacy organization, issued the following statement today announcing a call-for-support from Congressman Scott Garrett who serves on the bi-partisan Taiwan Congressional Caucus.

“Meaningful Participation” undermines the country’s sovereignty

On June 22, Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) inserted an extension of remarks in the Congressional Record calling for full membership for Taiwan in international organizations instead of “meaningful participation. ”

The Congressman concluded: “Rather than supporting “meaningful participation, ” I believe the U.S. should promote Taiwan’s full membership in international organizations such as the WHO. I therefore urge my colleagues to join me in supporting Taiwan’s full and equal membership in the United Nations, the WHO, and other international organizations. ”

He stated that: “To me, it seems only fair that a country with a population of 23 million be represented in the United Nations and its affiliated organizations. ” And added: “I am concerned though that other countries and international organizations will now begin to view China as Taiwan’s suzerain. If this view becomes the accepted international norm, Taiwan’s current status as an independent, sovereign state will be undermined further.”

The Congressman also expressed disagreement with the name that Taiwan used at the annual WHO meeting in Geneva: “Some applaud the fact that Taiwan had a presence in this year’s summit. I would like to point out though that, due to Chinese pressure, Taiwan participated under the name “Chinese Taipei,” even though the name of the country is “Taiwan.” Taipei is merely Taiwan’s capital.”

FAPA President Prof. Bob Yang says: “I am concerned that Taiwan will start attending international meetings such as the WHA with permission from China and that this will become a trend and an accepted norm. It will mark a slippery slope for Taiwan and for Taiwan’s supporters who want to see Taiwan – as a free and democratic country — receive greater international recognition. ”

Prof. Yang continues: “The bottom line is that the Chinese leadership cannot be trusted. It is high time that Taiwan’s leadership recognizes this as well.”

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