Back Stage with Taiwanese American Pop Star Evonne Hsu at APAHM 2010 Concert’s founder, Ho Chie Tsai, takes you on location to San Francisco’s recent APAHM 2010 Concert featuring Taiwanese American musical artist Evonne Hsu, as well as Taiwan-based pop singer JJ Lin and Asian American DJ, Mike Relm. APAHM Concerts took place in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC during May 2010 in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Watch as we take you to the concert and behind-the-scenes to meet with Evonne. We also capture a wonderful surprise moment on stage as one of Evonne’s best friends receives a wedding proposal. Take a look!

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Evonne Hsu, also known as Hsu Hui-hsin, was born in Longview, Texas and went to college at UT Austin. With nine albums and a couple of movie soundtracks in her credits, she has previously been given several music awards and recognized as MTV Taiwan’s Top 20 Most Wanted Artists and Top 20 Artists of the Year.

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