Chih-Hung Ma, the Sole Taiwanese Athlete at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Ma Chih-hung (馬志鴻), a 24 year old luger, is Taiwan’s only competitor in the 2010 Winter Olympics being hosted by Vancouver. As per the usual protocol, Taiwan is represented under the international name “Chinese Taipei.” Pretty ridiculous most would say, but let the politicians do their thing, while we cheer on one of our own!

It’s pretty amazing that we have a Taiwanese athlete at all given that Taiwan is essentially a tropical weather island!

Check out this photo essay about the “Formidable Formosan”:

Check out this recent interview from the Taipei Times:

Read this 2006 article from the Taipei Times:

photo credit: JOHANNES SIMON/AFP/Getty Images

4 Responses to “Chih-Hung Ma, the Sole Taiwanese Athlete at the 2010 Winter Olympics”

  1. In addition to being from Taiwan, he’s from Pingtung, which is the southernmost county in Taiwan. Amazing.

  2. The team should be called “Chinese Pingtung”. Have some respect to the other cities other than Taipei, especially he’s the only athlete represent “Chinese” whatever, wherever.

  3. At least we’re lucky enough to appear in the Vancouver Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony which the WHOLE World SAW IT !! ^-^

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