A Work-in-Progress: “Almost Home: Taiwan”

Victoria Linchong is a Taiwanese American actress, writer, producer and director based in New York. We’ve mentioned her work here before on TaiwaneseAmerican.org, and we are also pleased to be able to sponsor her current documentary work-in-progress.

Victoria’s theater production credits include several plays by James Purdy, including SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS with Laurence Fishburne, and STOP THE WAR: A FESTIVAL FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, the only artistic protest against the first Gulf War (1991 Obie Citation). Previously, Victoria was the Development Director of Theater for the New City, a Pulitzer Prize winning community center. She is currently Development Assistant at Film Forum and Artistic Director of Direct Arts.

Her current project, currently in post-production, is entitled ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN. The film takes viewers on a tour of Taiwan, as seen through the eyes of a handful of Taiwanese who’ve survived decades of social and political change.

Part travelogue, part character sketch, and part historical essay, the film balances a road-trip family reunion with archival footage and on-the-street interviews in Taiwan and America, shining a light on the history and culture of an island long at the center of political debate.

For more information, visit the new project website:


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