A Fresh Look for the New Decade!


I’m Ho Chie Tsai, the creator of TaiwaneseAmerican.org. Executive Director Christina Chou and I, along with our board and staff members, are proud to present a fresh new look to our website as we start this new decade! Even with the changes, we remain a website that is focused on highlighting our vibrant and growing community. Creative Director Anna Wu and Administrative Director Grace Liang have dedicated countless hours and many sleepless nights leading the transition, and for that, I am totally grateful.

I launched TaiwaneseAmerican.org in early 2006, seeded from an idea years in the making. As a community organizer, leader, and speaker since the 1990’s, I’ve had the opportunity to travel from coast-to-coast working with Taiwanese American communities everywhere. Consequently, many of my friends and contacts would ask me what was happening in various organizations in different parts of the country. Over time, I hoped that there would be an easier way to display and connect our active communities.

With the advent of self-publishing tools such as Blogger and WordPress, and wonderful social media networks such as Facebook, the time had come to put our community out there, collectively under one site — a one-stop shop for all things Taiwanese American if you will. I envisioned that TaiwaneseAmerican.org would be the starting point, and the unique organizations, their events and members would be the endpoint.

As the site was being created, I added sections entitled Spotlight and Blogworthy. With the growth of our website, organization, and staff, it felt more appropriate to bring our Spotlights and other important announcements to the forefront with a Featured section and graduate our “blogworthy” material to a more substantive Perspectives section. The national and regional posts (including a new South section) are now all visible on the front page!

We’re growing and we’re proud of that! In fact, over the past year, I’ve expanded and organized over 20 board members and staff to support our soon-to-be registered non-profit organization and expanded operations. But more importantly, we know this site really is about you, our readers in the community. As of January 2010, our Facebook group reaches over 3500 members, our Fan Page over 1500 members, and our site steadily receives anywhere from 200-400 hits on a “regular” day. Google searches for anything “Taiwanese American” will most likely land you somewhere within our website’s reach.

With your continued support, we know we can connect even more folks around the country and help tighten our networks everywhere. After all, it’s hard enough for Taiwanese Americans to be recognized as a distinct group and for young people to find role models who take pride in their heritage, so why not take a stand and say this is where we’ll start? My staff and I believe in this project, in the community, and all of you. I hope you do, too. Our future is still yet unwritten. This is one place to make it happen.

Enjoy our new website, and please tell your friends and family!


Ho Chie Tsai on behalf of the TaiwaneseAmerican.org board and staff

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