Spotlights on Taiwanese America
  • Perspectives from our Community
    • How I Became More Involved With the Taiwanese American Community

      by Nikki DePaola
      When I first moved to Los Angeles three years ago, I didn’t know very many people outside of my job and a few cousins. Growing up in Kansas, I was excited to [...]

    • Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! It’s Time to Normalize the Elephant!

      By Emily Wu Truong
      The subject of mental health is like the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, and that is how it seems in my local community. Many individuals choose [...]

    • Beyond Boundaries: What makes us Taiwanese?

      What makes you Taiwanese? Is there an answer that’s more right than others? What terms make up that definition?
      I’m tempted to begin this article by listing what I feel qualifies me to claim Taiwanese [...]

    • [UPDATED] Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement

      As the events of the Sunflower Student Movement unfold in Taiwan, we’ve compiled what we hope to be a comprehensive resource of up-to-date articles, analysis, live feeds, social media, and photos and footage of the [...]

    • A Taiwanese American Look at the Sunflower Movement

      Let me paint a picture. The golden age of the American economy, where the US was the uncontested global hegemon after the Second World War, tripped over itself in the 1970s. Inflation, unemployment, and income inequality all rose significantly in the coming decades, contributing to what sociologists call the Great U-Turn, in reference to the receding of hard-earned social progress.

    • Travel to Taiwan! A Lunar New Year 2014 Edition

      This past Lunar New Year 2014, staffers-at-large Eric Kao and Kristina Lin made it their mission to hit up iconic and “hidden gem” destinations around Taipei. Below are some of the photos and moments from those adventures …