Vivian Tsai – Psychologist and Taiwanese Language Teacher

Rockville, MD

I teach our second generation the Taiwanese language so that I can help instill in them a part of their identity.

tsai.vivian7Who are you?

I am a Taiwanese American who has been in the United States for the past 20 years. I am an aunt to two beautiful nephews. I am also a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I have a wonderful family who support me through all of my endeavors.

What do you do?

I recently earned my doctorate in psychology and hope to become licensed within the next year.  I am passionate about children and their families.  My goal is to reach as many children with difficulties so that they have the tools to achieve.

Additionally, I am a Taiwanese Language teacher who believes that if our culture is lost in the next generation, then, along with it will be our identity. I teach our second generation the Taiwanese language so that I can help instill in them a part of their identity.

I am also involved in the local Taiwanese American Association. I hope to be able to gather more young professionals to become interested in the Taiwanese identity.

Why are you proud to be of Taiwanese heritage?

I am a 1.5 generation Taiwanese American. I finished elementary school in Taiwan and moved to the States when I was 13 years old. I recall that ever since my first day in the States, I have always corrected people I meet that I am Taiwanese and not Chinese. I have always been proud to be a Taiwanese because of our rich culture. I identify with the land and want what is best for Taiwan.

What does the future of Taiwanese America look like to you?

My vision for the Taiwanese American community is that we would be more united with less fighting within our group. I have seen too many that aim for the same goal but bicker with each other regarding wordings and paths to take. I hope that we can come together and work towards the same goal.


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  1. Hi! I am so surprised by the similarities that we have together! My name is also Vivian Tsai. I am currently a high school junior in the Untied States. I came out here to U.S. after I finished my elementary school of six years in Taiwan, and I am interested in psychology! I hope one day I will be as passionate as you are!



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