Jessica Hsu

creator. artist. student.

I am a 20 year old art student in my third year of working for my bachelors in Art Center School of Design as an entertainment arts student in illustration. I am inspired to have a future with a stable career where I work in an office with people of all kinds, not just artists, as a concept designer and a social media artist influencer for young artists. I’m the eldest of three siblings at home. My father is Taiwanese and my mother is half Chinese – Taiwanese.


How does being Taiwanese/Taiwanese American and/or community ally play a role in your life?

Being a Taiwanese American IS a huge part of my life. I am a second-generation Taiwanese and I’m very proud of my heritage. My favorite foods stem from my own heritage’s traditional food. My parents came to America as adults for school and jobs and had me and my siblings here. Despite being immigrants, they are still very traditional and enforce us to maintain our Taiwanese dialect and language. I realized being bilingual and multicultural has lots of values and benefits in modern society. It also gave a cultural sense of identity and a social group of belonging.

There are still many Taiwanese American in our community who are making advancements in modern American society like this person who is interviewing me and the hundreds of Taiwanese Americans contributing to this project. We should be very proud of their contributions. I am glad to see such lovely unity with this community.


If you could teach future generations 1 thing about being Taiwanese/Taiwanese American or Taiwan, what would it be?

I would most definitely introduce the food provided from our culture since that is where I believe Taiwan strives the most. In the future, I will continue to influence at least my own children Taiwanese dialect and language. Trips to Taiwan are a must in order to experience a living fun experience my parents have tried to give me, like the deathly hot weather, shaved ice, and night markets. I am strongly attached to my identity as an Taiwanese American so I am excited to go off on tangents about my cultural experiences.


What does the future of Taiwanese America look like to you?

My vision for the future of Taiwanese Americans is to see more recognition from every race in society. We may still seem small as a country, but as a whole we are strong with the support of each other. I truly hope our country does not eventually see each other as competition and continues with our ability to work together as family. I can see the progress as I interact with my Taiwanese American brothers and sisters. Our values and tight cultural heritages give us a strong foundation to our relationships like a magnet. I hope to see Taiwanese Americans come into a brighter spotlight for all of Western society.


Favorite memory of Taiwan/Taiwanese America?

There’s nothing better than eating Taiwanese food. Walking around night markets and the many malls in my dad’s neighborhood in Taiwan are my most memorable moments. There are many cute stores and countless food stalls spread across everywhere on the streets. Boba drinks are the best in the summer and most deliciously made in its origin.


Favorite Taiwanese food?

pig’s blood cake, aiyu jelly, soy milk/milk tea

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