Jacky Wang

Adventurer. Artist. Creator.

I’m a software engineer at Instagram, and I also host my own mandarin podcast called Left Side Escalator in Taiwan focusing on self-improvement, leaving our comfort zones and becoming the best version of ourselves through a series of interviews, Q&A and book clubs.

I’m an avid photographer and painter, and hosted an art show in Taiwan last year. I love solving technical problems but also love doing creative and aesthetic things.


How does being Taiwanese/Taiwanese American and/or community ally play a role in your life?

I’ve always celebrated both sides of my identity of growing up in Taiwan until 15, and studying and working in America after. I move between both places back and forth for work and family so I feel like my identity is a sweet spot right in the middle for me where I can fit into both sides seamlessly, read/write/speak and work in both languages. I find myself relatable to both ABC/Ts or local Taiwanese people. I’ve always been active in Taiwanese American communities since college being president of TASA, and strive to bring more Taiwanese people together.


If you could teach future generations 1 thing about being Taiwanese/Taiwanese American or Taiwan, what would it be?

Warmth. Taiwanese people are warm, the warmth comes from genuine kindness and sincere consideration for your communities. Taiwanese people will help you because they can without asking for anything in return. Let’s keep that culture going.


What does the future of Taiwanese America look like to you?

I think it will be defining times to be Taiwanese American in the next decade. The growing importance of Taiwan in the world, how well Taiwan did during the pandemic, and the genuine kindness and friendliness of the people and culture are pretty unique in the world. We have a lot of fun work to do to make Taiwan even more awesome and bringing Taiwanese Americans together too.


Favorite memory of Taiwan/Taiwanese America?

Cycling through the entire island in 9 days. Seeing an epic double rainbow on top of Taiwan’s peak Mt. Jade.


Favorite Taiwanese food?

Oyster pancakes, pineapple cake, Taiwan beer.

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