Cheryl Goer

Digital Creator. Cat Mom. Graduate Student.

I’m a digital creator. On my YouTube channel, I create beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel content and share everything I love with my audience. I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in accounting at University of Miami.

p.s. My last name is 吳, which has a Mandarin pronunciation (“Wu”) and Taiwanese pronunciation (“Goer”). My father decided to use the Taiwanese pronunciation!


How does being Taiwanese/Taiwanese American and/or community ally play a role in your life?

I was born in Santa Ana, California, but moved to Taipei, Taiwan, when I was 4. I spent the majority of my childhood in Taiwan and returned to the U.S. when I was 15 to complete high school and college. Since I spent half of my life in Taiwan and half in Florida, I often struggled with my cultural identity. I frequently felt as though I didn’t belong in either country since Americans typically view me as Taiwanese and Taiwanese view me as American. However, I now happily embrace both cultures. I love that I can adopt the positive perspectives from both cultures to create my own beliefs. From my Taiwanese background I carry the values of family and community, and from my American background I respect individuality and the opportunities to pursue my dreams. These two cultures complement each other, are beneficial for my personal growth, and have made me open-minded. For that reason, I don’t see myself as a full American or a full Taiwanese, but rather, a Taiwanese-American.


If you could teach future generations 1 thing about being Taiwanese/Taiwanese American or Taiwan, what would it be?

I would encourage future generations of Taiwanese-Americans to experience Taiwan on their own. Stay for at least a couple of months and see what all Taiwan has to offer. It’s important to learn the culture and history since Taiwan has great values such as respecting elderly and caring for the environment.


Favorite memory of Taiwan/Taiwanese America?

My favorite memories of Taiwan involve my family, childhood dog, and best friends from kindergarten to middle school. I always love hanging out with my friends in Taipei and enjoy trying out all the amazing food that Taiwan offers. Taiwan has restaurants of all different cuisines, such as Indian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, American, and more. I love that Taiwan offers good quality food from all over the world. Also, people in Taiwan are very caring. I fell once while walking on the street and people nearby helped me up without any hesitation.


Favorite Taiwanese food?

Spicy Hot Pot, Beef Noodle Soup, Xiao Long Bao (小籠包), Fried Dumplings (鍋貼), Stinky Tofu, Mango Shaved Ice, Pineapple Cakes (鳳梨酥)and a lot more!

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