Joanna and Sally

My mom is a strong and nurturing Taiwanese woman.

What did you learn from your mother about being Taiwanese? (妳從妳母親那兒學到甚麼是一個台灣人?)

My mom is a hard worker, in everything she does. She is very patient and never complains about how much work she has to do. She just “do”. I think that’s the strong Taiwanese side of her. I, however, am still learning.

Tell us about one of your earliest memories of your mother. (妳對母親最早的記憶是甚麼?)

My mom loves to cook and is an amazing cook. I remember growing up, she was always hosting dinners and cooking these elaborate dishes. She loves to feed people!

What is the most important thing you have learned from your mother or daughter? (妳從母親/女兒學到的最重要的是甚麼?)

My mom is a strong and nurturing Taiwanese woman. Her motto is “better to take crap from other people than to give crap to other people”. However, we should remain strong, even in the most difficult situations.

Tell us about the ways that your mother makes you proud. (妳母親/女兒讓你感到驕傲的是甚麼?)

My mom is an amazing woman. I am proud of her for working three jobs to raise us when we were younger. I am proud of her for striving to succeed as an immigrant. I am proud of her for being the anchor of our family.

Tell us about how your mother inspires you. (妳的母親/女兒如何激勵妳?)

My mom is not a quitter and she is not afraid to speak her mind. Even in her “not-so-good” English, she will give anyone a piece of her mind (but in a loving way).

As time has gone on, how has your relationship with your mother changed? (隨著年歲的增長,妳們母女關係有怎麼樣的變化?)

We’ve always been close, but we fought a lot when I was a teenager and through my early 20s. But now we are super close, even though we live 400 miles apart. We talk on the phone every day.

What is one thing that you would like your mother to know? (有那件事是妳希望讓妳的母親/女兒知道的?)

I want her to know that I am proud to be her daughter!

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