Ivy Chow – Ballet Dancer, Instructor, and Program Assistant

Washington, DC

I would love to combine my passion for dancing and Taiwan together, potentially starting a summer camp or school in Taiwan.

chow.ivy8Who are you?

I was born and raised in the metropolitan DC area. During childhood, dancing was a hobby but by high school I discovered that ballet was my passion. Before college, I was invited into Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s trainee program. This gave me the chance to perform alongside the professional company and learned the ins and out of being a part of a ballet company. After a couple years, I was accepted into the Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music in Ballet Performance. While at Indiana University, I was given the chance to perform lead and supporting roles. I also was on the Pre-College Ballet faculty teaching ages 3-18 and taught college ballet elective for undergraduate and graduate students. Discovering my capabilities as a teacher really broadened my horizons after graduation. This helped me land a job within arts administration and ballet instruction at CityDance Ensemble’s school. I’m very excited to share my love of dance.

What do you do?

I work at CityDance Center at the Strathmore located in Washington DC. I am a ballet instructor in the school and work closely with the Director of Education, Lorraine Spiegler in program assisting and administrative support for the Conservatory, Select and Pre-Select Pre-Professional Studies Program. This program offers pre-professional training for serious intermediate and advance dancers ages 13 to 19 by expanding their dance and music knowledge, and developing multi-cultural appreciation and understanding through international dance projects and exchanges. I assist with all performances and communicate with students and parents regarding weekly programming decisions, rehearsals and exciting news.

I find it enriching to teach and help the next generation of young dancers use our school to achieve their dreams or to get into prestigious colleges to study dance related majors. I want to bring an appreciation back to the foundation of it all, ballet. I love dancing contemporary works myself but classical training and appreciation is essential to success in all dance genres. I would love to combine my passion for dancing and Taiwan together, potentially starting a summer camp or school in Taiwan.

Why are you proud to be of Taiwanese heritage?

I am 2nd generation Taiwanese American. My family has been very active in the Taiwanese community. Growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC has brought many opportunities to experience an array of events. I remember protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy shouting “One Taiwan, One China!”, going to Taiwanese American conferences such as TAC/EC and TAF, and even attending a dinner with former Taiwanese president A-Bian’s wife. After meeting many fellow Taiwanese Americans, I have realized that we are extremely motivated to make progress and change, not only in politics, but in our fields of work.

What does the future of Taiwanese America look like to you?

I see the growth and development, and many success stories of Taiwanese Americans in mainstream America. I want to be a part of this growing community and build awareness of Taiwanese Americans in this country so that we can find success in every field.

Any additional information you would like to share?

http://www.citydance.net/strathmore.cfm is the website for the school I work for.

I love boba!!

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