Evelyn and Cheryl

This may sound cheesy, but I have the coolest and greatest mom in the whole world.

What did you learn from your mother about being Taiwanese? (妳從妳母親那兒學到甚麼是一個台灣人?)

I learned that even though I wasn’t born in Taiwan and I’m still Taiwanese because it doesn’t matter where you were born or raised being Taiwanese is what you feel inside and who you identify with.

Tell us about one of your earliest memories of your mother. (妳對母親最早的記憶是甚麼?)

My earliest memory of my mother is of her being in the kitchen. My mom always made the best meals and I remember vividly of her packing bento lunches for my father every day when he used to do construction. Every day I would see my father leave for work with this orange bento bucket he would take with him.

What is the most important thing you have learned from your mother? (妳從母親/女兒學到的最重要的是甚麼?)

The most important thing I learned from my mother is the importance of hard work and to have a good work ethic. Since my mom had to work at such a young age she has taught my siblings and I that not everything is hand to you in life and hard work always pays off. She also taught us that being selfish doesn’t get you far in life.

Tell us about the ways that your mother makes you proud. (妳母親/女兒讓你感到驕傲的是甚麼?)

My mother makes me proud because she came to the US with not much and barely speaking English, but now with hard work and dedication she is a successful business woman. Also she makes me proud because she’s a giving person and always puts family first.

Tell us about how your mother inspires you. (妳的母親/女兒如何激勵妳?)

My mother inspires me because she had to work at a young age to help her family. Even though she didn’t grow up with much she’s always worked hard for what she has. Also she inspires me because when she first arrive to the US she was turned down from jobs because her English skills weren’t that great, but she never gave up and worked hard to become the successful person she is today.

As time has gone on, how has your relationship with your mother changed? (隨著年歲的增長,妳們母女關係有怎麼樣的變化?)

I think over the years I understand my mother better. When I was younger I didn’t understand why my mother worried so much about me, but as I got older I come to understand that she worried so much because she loves me so much and wants me to be safe.

What is one thing that you would like your mother to know? (有那件事是妳希望讓妳的母親/女兒知道的?)

This may sound cheesy, but I have the coolest and greatest mom in the whole world.

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