Christine and Catherine

I love her very much and I am so happy she gave me life!

What did you learn from your mother about being Taiwanese? (妳從妳母親那兒學到甚麼是一個台灣人?)

She instilled the idea that we should be proud of the amazing collection of food, culture, and people that come from our small island.

Tell us about one of your earliest memories of your mother. (妳對母親最早的記憶是甚麼?)

She successfully taught me how to ride a bicycle and made my hair every day throughout elementary and part of middle school.

What is the most important thing you have learned from your mother? (妳從母親/女兒學到的最重要的是甚麼?)

She has taught me to be more outgoing and adventurous. I look forward to soaking up as much knowledge and culture as I can when we travel to other states outside of California or new countries such as Japan.

Tell us about the ways that your mother makes you proud. (妳母親/女兒讓你感到驕傲的是甚麼?)

Despite being a single mother, she is a strong, no-nonsense woman who has an amazing outlook at life and has a beautiful personality that outshines anyone I have ever met.

Tell us about how your mother inspires you. (妳的母親/女兒如何激勵妳?)

My mother inspires me to work hard when I see the lengths she goes to to make sure my sister and I have a wonderful childhood filled with rich memories.

As time has gone on, how has your relationship with your mother changed? (隨著年歲的增長,妳們母女關係有怎麼樣的變化?)

I used to resent her bossing me around compared to my Caucasian friends but I have grown to appreciate it, knowing she is only looking out for my well-being.

What is one thing that you would like your mother to know? (有那件事是妳希望讓妳的母親/女兒知道的?)

I would love my mother to know that I love her very much and I am so happy she gave me life!

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