Teddy Liaw – Founder of Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP) and “Learner of Things”

San Francisco, CA

Taiwanese Americans will be leaders throughout America – in government, business, law, medicine, engineering, and non-profit worlds.


Who are you?

I was born in New Jersey, and grew up in Cerritos, CA. I have been involved in the Taiwanese American community as the National Chairman of Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP), the National VP of the Taiwanese American Citizens League (TACL), Coordinator of the TACL Political Internship Program, and Leadership in Development (LID) camp adviser. Previously, I served three terms as the TAP President. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Business Administration and Ethnic Studies. At Cal, I was the ASUC (student body) President, as well as 3-time President and founder of the Asian American Association, which is still today, the largest pan-Asian American collegiate organization in the nation. I am largely credited with creating the foundation for TAP, as I authored the Mission Statement and Constitution, and drove the structural reorganization that has allowed TAP to grow to its current 2000 person national membership.

What do you do?

I am currently the Director of Strategic Services at LiveOps, an SF-based technology company. I oversee strategy, business development, and service delivery for that particular business unit. Outside the rigors and hours of any other Silicon Valley start-up, I enjoy traveling and golf when I’m grounded.

Why are you proud to be of Taiwanese heritage?

As a 2nd generation Taiwanese American, being Taiwanese American is not just an ethnic background to me. It’s an ideology, rooted in principals and ideologies such as freedom, innovation, perseverance and democracy. Taiwan is such a rich and beautiful country, with its greatest asset being its people. Taiwanese people have made such amazing contributions to the world, across many industries, professions, and fields. Taiwanese Americans have made an enormous footprint in the young Taiwanese American history already.

What does the future of Taiwanese America look like to you?

I see a Taiwanese America that is solid and strong, built on a foundation of community organizations that address the wide diversity that is the Taiwanese American community. Taiwanese Americans will be leaders throughout America – in government, business, law, medicine, engineering, and non-profit worlds. The common fabric that will bind the diverse community will be a shared sense of pride in Taiwan, support of Taiwan’s self-determination, and a common desire to continue to invest into Taiwanese Americans. The Taiwanese American community will focus less on colors that divide and more on values that unify. Young Taiwanese Americans will be eager to learn about their identity, there will be an abundance of organizations to explore themselves, and older Taiwanese Americans will continue to invest into the youth generation.


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