[中英版] An Open Letter to the Taiwanese American Community: Securing Taiwan’s Democracy 給台美人的一封公開信:守護台灣民主

An Open Letter to the Taiwanese American Community: Securing Taiwan’s Democracy


A strong United States is crucial for a more secure and democratic Taiwan. Contrary to popular perception among the first generation in the Taiwanese American community, the Trump administration has weakened the United States’ economic, diplomatic, and moral standing in the world. This is detrimental to Taiwan’s long-term security and democracy. The authoritarian government of China continues to threaten military intervention, claim sovereignty over democratic Taiwan, and expand China’s military and economic power throughout the Asia Pacific region.


The November 2020 election is the Taiwanese American community’s opportunity to vote Trump out of office, and support the election of former Vice President Joseph Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. The Biden-Harris administration will take actions to strengthen the U.S.’s relationships with our allies rather than continue our unilateralism.


Trump has weakened the United States in the following ways:


1. Trump has weakened the U.S.’s diplomatic and military standing with our allies and gutted the State Department’s ability to act through budget cuts and the loss of senior diplomats. An ill-resourced State Department is one that will be unprepared to respond to pressing global issues, including China’s role in international organizations in interpreting and rewriting rules to exclude Taiwan.


2. Trump has weakened the U.S.’s moral authority by not explicitly condemning the Chinese government’s interference in Hong Kong and the subjugation of the Uyghur population. The weakened State Department has been unable to coordinate a multilateral response to the National Security Law, which has imposed “White Terror” in Hong Kong. What is happening in Hong Kong casts a long shadow over Taiwan’s security and democracy.


3. Trump has failed to respond adequately to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Trump administration’s lack of a coordinated plan, to quarantine, test, and contain the masses of U.S. citizens returning from infected countries, has made the U.S. the most infected country in the world. This has exacerbated the virus’ spread, weakened the U.S. economy, and led nations around the world to lose faith in the United States as a working partner.


Under the Trump administration, the United States is weaker, not stronger. The security of Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region is based on the principles enshrined in the U.S. Constitution: democracy for all. Trump’s actions to isolate and weaken the United States will only endanger the entire Asia Pacific region to China’s attempts at expansionism. To strengthen the United States, secure Taiwan’s democracy for future generations, and protect Taiwan’s security, we must vote Trump out of office in November.



Taiwanese Americans United

Tim Chng 莊騰程 – moderator, co-founder of Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA)

Jennifer Lai 賴瑀琤 – moderator, civil rights lawyer

Joann Lo 羅怡婷 – moderator, co-founder of North American Taiwanese Women’s Association II (NATWA II)*


台美聯合陣線 (TAU)以下成員

莊騰程,  台美大專學生會發起人, TAU管理員

賴瑀琤, 人權律師, TAU管理員

羅怡婷, 第二代北美台灣婦女會, TAU管理員

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8 Responses to “[中英版] An Open Letter to the Taiwanese American Community: Securing Taiwan’s Democracy 給台美人的一封公開信:守護台灣民主”

  1. Good luck convincing the first generation of this. 70% of them are going to vote for Trump.

  2. Bryan Hsueh

    I strongly urge the admin to put a disclaimer on the TOP of the post (both in Facebook and Worldpress), not just a fine print “The views and opinions expressed in all perspectives pieces are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TaiwaneseAmerican.org as a non-profit organization.” (only appear in the end of the original post here)

This post does not represent the majority view of Taiwanese American. The authors try to use the headline “Secure Taiwan’s Democracy” and come up with the controversial conclusion of “vote Trump out of office”. But many people in the group disagree, as seeing from the Facebook comments with many different opinions.

    To avoid people confusing this is the official position of TaiwaneseAmerican.org (or even being criticized as paid by Democrat or CPP), I strongly suggest to treat this kind of political post carefully (or just avoid). Even the Taiwan government seems to have closer tie with the Trump administration, it’s probably not wise for Taiwan or this non-political group to openly endorse/oppose a certain candidate.

  3. Bryan Hsueh

    Dear Admin,

    I’m very concerned about the current post on the main page and Facebook. It brought up many heated comments, then the authors just said this is their personal opinions. I feel it’s very irresponsible (and dangerous) to let people think this article is the official position of TaiwaneseAmerican.org.

    The title is about “securing Taiwan’s democracy”, while jump to the conclusion of “vote Trump of out office”. It’s really debatable which candidate is better for Taiwan or Taiwanese American. And internet/Facebook is probably not a good platform for the heated debate. I really hope this group is about pro-Taiwan, no matter who will be the next president, instead of letting people running into heated (irrational) debates (unless someone really trying to inflict/divide this pro-Taiwan group).

    One comment also brought on the tax/legal issue about no political campaign on a non-profit organization. And on the http://www.taiwaneseamerican.org/submissions/ page, it says “TaiwaneseAmerican.org is a non-partisan organization”. So we should be very careful about endorse/oppose certain candidate.

    Some possible actions we could have (to protect this group):

    (1) Just put the disclaimer on the top of the post (Facebook, WorldPress, Twitter, Instagram etc). The current disclaimer is only a fine print in the end of the article. Many people won’t see.
    (2) Have another article about why vote for Trump / Republican. Otherwise, people will think this is a Democrat group, which will violate the law. But again, you will likely see a lot of fighting in that article.
    (3) The last resort is to remove the post, which should not appear in this group in the first place based on the submission guideline about non-partisan. And this might also require some explanation to the public.
    (4) If we really need to get into politics, the main article should be really non-partisan, explaining why we should or should not support certain candidates. This also requires some effort.

    I really care about this group. And hope you guys can continue to do a great job.

    Thank you for the good work for Taiwan

  4. Jennifer R

    This article must be written by Joe Biden himself, because clearly he got lost again. LOL

  5. Jennifer Yeh

    I am very troubled by reading your article. I wish you took time to find out Trump’s accomplishments. Trump is the only US President supports Taiwan since 1973. I am a proud Taiwanese. We should be happy that Trump support Taiwan and fight Chinese communist. If you are not quite understand what Trump did these past 3 years, here is the better picture:
    Almost 4 million jobs created since election.
    More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history.
    Trump created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since his election.
    Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than THREE DECADES.
    Economic growth last quarter hit 4.2 percent.
    New unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.
    Median household income has hit highest level ever recorded.
    African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
    Hispanic-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded.
    Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
    Women’s unemployment recently reached the lowest rate in 65 years.
    Youth unemployment has recently hit the lowest rate in nearly half a century.
    Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma.
    Under Trump’s Administration, veterans’ unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in nearly 20 years.
    Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election.
    The Pledge to America’s Workers has resulted in employers committing to train more than 4 million Americans. Trump is committed to VOCATIONAL education.
    95 percent of U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about the future—the highest ever.
    Retail sales surged last month, up another 6 percent over last year.
    Signed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history. After tax cuts, over $300 billion poured back in to the U.S. in the first quarter alone.
    As a result of tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years.
    Helped win U.S. bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.
    Helped win U.S.-Mexico-Canada’s united bid for 2026 World Cup.
    Opened ANWR and approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines.
    Record number of regulations eliminated.
    Enacted regulatory relief for community banks and credit unions.
    Obamacare individual mandate penalty GONE.
    Trump Administration is providing more affordable healthcare options for Americans through association health plans and short-term duration plans.
    Last month, the FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before in history. And thanks to our efforts, many drug companies are freezing or reversing planned price increases.
    Trump reformed the Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs—saving seniors hundreds of millions of dollars this year alone.
    Signed Right-To-Try legislation.
    Secured $6 billion in NEW funding to fight the opioid epidemic.
    Trump has reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions by 16 percent during his first year in office.
    Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care.
    Increased our coal exports by 60 percent; U.S. oil production recently reached all-time high.
    United States is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.
    Withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord.
    Cancelled the illegal, anti-coal, so-called Clean Power Plan.
    Secured record $700 billion in military funding; $716 billion next year.
    NATO allies are spending $69 billion more on defense since 2016.
    Process has begun to make the Space Force the 6th branch of the Armed Forces.
    Confirmed more circuit court judges than any other new administration.
    Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
    Withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran Deal.
    Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
    Protecting Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban, upheld by Supreme Court.
    Issued Executive Order to keep open Guantanamo Bay.
    Concluded a historic U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA. And negotiations with Canada are underway.
    Reached a breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports.
    Imposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum to protect our national security.
    Imposed tariffs on China in response to China’s forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and their chronically abusive trade practices.
    Net exports are on track to increase by $59 billion this year.
    Improved vetting and screening for refugees, and switched focus to overseas resettlement.

  6. This is a bias and wrong information about this coming up election.

  7. Thank you for this letter. I am a proud Taiwanese American, and I hope the rest of our community seriously questions whether Trump would actually defend Taiwan against Chinese military action without the support of other countries. His actions have provoked China, and if China were to respond with force against Taiwan, Trump cannot engage against a superpower alone. Trump has not made any promises, he has a poor record of keeping promises, and even if he wanted to carry out such a promise, he would need approval from Congress. To the contrary, Trump could give up Taiwan for a trade deal with China. His motives are only about business, not democracy. Further, he’s inconsistent and unpredictable. Taiwan needs someone who works with other countries to promote democracy, and that person is not Trump.

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