The 100 Passionate People Project

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we highlight a cross section of Taiwanese America. These are just some of the passionate people contributing to the diverse fabric of our country.

A couple weeks ago, we started an email chain asking folks to help us identify one or two “interesting and inspiring” everyday Taiwanese Americans that they knew, and then to pass the email on. We’ve received many contributors to our profile questionnaire, and they still keep coming in! Some have name recognition and others do not. However, we realize that a passion to do great things or to dream big ideas can be found everywhere. This is our way of bringing some of the members of our community into the spotlight, and hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration from their stories, too.

Each day this month, we’ll present about three people, of all ages, generations, and careers until we reach 100 people.

Stay tuned. We’ve got big plans to develop this into the foundation of an archival history project for the Taiwanese American community.

Check out the project page here. It will be updated daily:

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