Kite Operations, Jack Tung, the Gold Medalists, and XYZR_KX in San Francisco on March 26!

Jack Tung, Kite Operations, the Gold Medalists, & XYZR_KX are performing on March 26th at Retox!

Date: March 26, 2010
Time: 9pm – 12am
Location: Retox, 628 20th Street, San Francisco, CA

For more information check out the Facebook event!

Jack Tung’s songs are precisely composed instrumentals performed by Jack alone in real-time on an electric guitar, a drum machine, synthesizers, and a sampler. His moody aesthetic is equally informed by the exhilarating and harsh thrash of his youth in the Long Island hardcore scene, and by the atmospheric film soundtracks absorbed as a lifelong cinephile. In live performance, Jack uses no pre-recorded parts and no backing tracks, save for the spare drum machine patterns which propel his arrangements. His precise execution and control of multiple layers of sound is a feat to witness.

Kite Operations is a New York City based band that recently released the critically acclaimed album, ‘Festival’, a no-wave/post-noise testament to the band’s ability to infuse dissonant experimentation with the emotionally incisive.

Pronounced ‘Scissor Kicks’, XYZR_KX is Jon Monteverde, Chicago-based Chinese-Filipino indie-rock/electro-pop wunderkind. With this project, Monteverde redefines the boundaries of the traditional pop song by simultaneously incorporating hushed vocals, serrated guitars, and chaotic beats.

Part Animal Part Machine. Those are the words scrawled across Jason Jesse’s back and a phrase well suited to describe San Francisco’s Peter Nguyen AKA The Gold Medalists. Famed as the drummer monster behind noise/metalheads Total Shutdown and indie-rockers eE, Nguyen (pronounced Win) is soon releasing his debut album, The City Lights Us on Fire, to the world, and woe to those who turn a deaf ear.

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