Connecting with Janet Hsieh, Host of Discovery’s Fun Taiwan!

Depending on where you’re tuning in from, you may or may not have heard of Janet Hsieh, an American-born Taiwanese model and the current host of Discovery Travel & Living Channel’s “Fun Taiwan.” Broadcast throughout 25 countries around Asia, this show has gained wide recognition for Janet as she explores many of the hidden treasures throughout Taiwan! Adored by her many fans for an adventurous and playful personality, one can find her beautiful face plastered on billboards and advertisements throughout Taiwan and Asia!

Ho Chie Tsai, the creator of takes a moment to talk to Janet about her life paths, the surprises along the way, and perspectives as a 2nd generation Taiwanese American. For those in America who haven’t yet heard of her, we hope this is a nice introduction to an amazingly passionate and driven woman who is out to share the beauty of Taiwan!

This segment was filmed at the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association 2010 East Coast Conference hosted by MIT. Special thanks to Janet’s mom for making this possible (and treating Ho Chie to lunch!) and her producer Tim Li for the camera work!

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2 Responses to “Connecting with Janet Hsieh, Host of Discovery’s Fun Taiwan!”

  1. Janet Hsieh is fantastic! I saw one of her segments right before I moved to Taiwan (it was about LNY celebrations) and was captivated by her enthusiasm.

  2. Janet is simply awesome… she juz has that cheeriness about her, that happiness… that bright smile and sparkle from her eyes, simply captivating… she seems to be enjoying herself so much everytime and that is so so contagious… it makes you want to go wherever she goes…
    Shé’s the Asian equiv of Samantha Brown.

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