Tribute to Edward Yang

Taiwanese American filmmaker, Edward Yang, passed away last week due to complications from a seven year battle with colon cancer. Mr. Yang was best known for his critically acclaimed film, Yi Yi, about a Taiwanese family coping with the serious illness of their elderly mother.

Yang’s first major success “Taipei Story,” gained world-wide attention in 1985. He followed that success with several other award winning films. Known for focusing on modern Taiwanese life and realistic problems, Yang’s films have won numerous awards and are said to have a distinctive visual and narrative style. Critics praise Yang’s films for their subtlety and minimal, yet powerful, dialogue.

In honor of Edward Yang and his wonderful work, please take the time to view some of his most famous films.

Yi yi (2000)
Mahjong (1996)
Duli shidai (1994) … aka A Confucian Confusion
Guling jie shaonian sha ren shijian (1991) … aka A Brighter Summer Day
Kongbu fenzi (1986)
Qingmei Zhuma (1985) … aka Taipei Story

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