Taiwanese Americans: Help Report Anti-AAPI Discrimination

Taiwanese Americans, our responsibility here is two-fold:
(1) You or someone you know may have been the target of bias, discrimination, or racism related to anti-Chinese and anti-Asian American sentiments due to Covid-19. Asian Americans of all ages and generations report fear of being perceived as the source or carrier of the disease. Please report all incidents & know that you are not alone.

(2) You or someone you know may have been complicit in anti-Chinese rhetoric related to Covid-19 with the intention of positively highlighting Taiwanese efforts to combat the virus. As we’ve said before, pro-Taiwan does not mean anti-China; each is more than their political circumstances. We do not encourage asserting Taiwanese identity solely as a means of deflecting anti-Chinese racism. There are hundreds of reasons to take pride in being of Taiwanese heritage; disassociating ourselves from a community that has been violently and unfairly targeted is not one of them.

Dire circumstances can also produce extravagant acts of generosity and kindness; we’ve seen efforts to direct Taiwan’s commendable PPE (personal protective equipment) production towards hospitals in the US. We’ve seen Taiwanese restaurants donate bentos to frontline healthcare workers. We hope to see more instances of Taiwanese American solidarity with the Chinese American community, of ways we can leverage the things we share instead of drawing apart. Think of the meaningful ways we might be different – in immigration histories, in average socioeconomic status, in access to resources – and how these can inspire us to do more for each other, to have more compassion and understanding. Start with your friends and family. We’re in this together, for the long run.

2 Responses to “Taiwanese Americans: Help Report Anti-AAPI Discrimination”

  1. Mark Hendrix

    You would be smarter to eschew your ethnic defensiveness, and show your appreciation to Americans. Make sure you show disdain for a system of government that is a proven failure, Communism. Ensure that everyone understands that Chinese Communists killed 60 million of their own people, and have created difficulty for Taiwanese. Show patriotism to the great people of the USA, they deserve it.

  2. Barnaby

    Soft disagree here. During a time when the Chinese Communist Party is trying to gaslight the world and absolve itself from responsibility, it’s even more important to highlight who is to blame. Only the mentally immature would equate the government of the PRC to Americans of Chinese (or other Asian) descent, and we shouldn’t soften our rhetoric for those who are going to be racist anyway.

    Saying that highlighting Taiwan’s accomplishments during the pandemic is “being complicit to anti-Chinese racism” is doing the CCP’s work for them.

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