Talking Taiwan Interview with Ho Chie Tsai, Founder of

Talking Taiwan is an audio magazine (podcast) about interesting people who are connected to Taiwan and what they are doing.

Hosted by author Felicia Lin, TalkingTaiwan seeks to introduce you to the interesting and diverse individuals who make up Taiwan’s global community – in Taiwan, the US, and around the world.

Episodes are hosted on’s founder, Ho Chie Tsai, was recently interviewed by Felicia. Listen to the full interview below (26 min):

Or listen to the interview in segments:

1) Where did the idea for come from?

2) What are the perks of being in the Taiwanese American spotlight and what celebrities have you met?

3) What is your involvement in the collegiate community?

4) How often do you get to visit Taiwan? How about followers of in Taiwan?

5) How do you keep content on fresh?

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